Englewood Cliffs

Englewood Cliffs is an unbeatable natural beauty. Just a short distance from NYC with ample natural parks and lookouts with views of the Hudson River; coming home from work or spending time with your family is as relaxing as it can get!

About the Neighborhood

The site of this location is a scenic destination for outdoor lovers in Bergen County. Englewood Cliffs looks out over beautiful New York City and the Hudson River. There are many hiking and biking trails along the cliffs for adventurers. You will have access to the area’s most popular and natural attractions. Home to a population of 5,234 people with the average household size being a 3 person family. You also have a variety of real estate to choose from whether it be a new home or rental! It is just 12 miles from the city making this the ideal location for any commuters for business or pleasure, which also means that there are unlimited amenities to entertain you and your family. The schooling in this area provides you with a elementary and secondary school system, with high schools in surrounding towns. There are also many bus routes to take advantage of for ease of transportation.

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Why You Should Live In

Englewood Cliffs

Attractions and Things to Do

Being a resident in Englewood Cliffs is something to be envied upon! With spectacular views of the Hudson River, amazing trails, and a short commute to NYC it is unbeatable. If you are a commuter, the short trip time will come as a huge benefit. Some people are subjected to an hour drive! You will get to arrive home sooner which means more time spent with loved ones. Englewood Cliffs also made the Top List for Families to Live in NJ! Transportation is a breeze whether you are commuting by your personal car, or taking advantage of the buses. For the record, there are no trains in Englewood Cliffs- but with such a short distance between itself and NYC, the buses bring you to the George Washington Bridge Terminal, where you are then on your way to the city. Parking from these transportation terminals is also free, an added bonus!

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The schooling in this area provides you with an elementary and secondary school system, with a private school in a neighboring town-if you so desire.

The public High School has a 10 out of 10 rating! However, the middle school has received nothing but amazing reviews – five stars.  Enrollment information can be found on the following school websites.


North Cliff Elementary School
Pre-K to Kindergarten  |  Rating

Englewood Cliffs Upper School
1st to 2nd Grade  |  Rating

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