Known as the “First Borough of Bergen County”, this historical town has a population of about 18,000. It also has an average household size of 3 member families. It is located in the heart of Bergen County. You are also within close reach of amenities from neighboring towns for your convenience of necessities, as well as great schooling systems.

About the Neighborhood

Rutherford is located just 8 miles from NYC. It comes with the convenience of being 12 miles from the Newark International Airport, 2 miles from the New Jersey Turnpike, and 4 miles from the Garden State Parkway. When owning real estate in this Bergen County town, you will find it is a commuters dreams as you can breeze right through to where you need to be. There are also plenty of options for amenities, it comes with a large variety of stores and restaurants. The schooling in this area gives you the exclusive Bergen County experience, with exceptional schooling districts.

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Attractions and Things to Do

Rutherford is a town filled with excitement and opportunity. In the center of the town, they have a large music hall and three movie theaters. There is also a boat club which is dedicated to a private organization to promote the sport of rowing. There is an active nightlife with two, three star restaurants located downtown. They also provide a minibus to residents of the borough throughout the town. With all of this to consider, it is not nearly the end of what is available! It is also a short distance from the renowned Meadowlands Stadium, where many big games and concerts take place.

Rutherford Website   |    Meadowlands Stadium   |   Boat Club   |   Recreation  |  Fields & Tennis Court


Rutherford has 4 Elementary schools and 1 High School. These middle schools also provide schooling up to 8th grade. The ratings on these schools are notable, all having reviews over 5 stars.

Lincoln Elementary
Kindergarten to 3rd Grade  |  Rating

Washington Elementary
Kindergarten to 3rd Grade |  Rating

Union Elementary
4th to 8th Grade  |  Rating

Pierrepont Elementary
4th to 8th Grade  |  Rating

Rutherford High School
9th to 12th Grade  |  Rating

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