Explore what Teaneck has to offer! One of the most diverse towns with beautiful parks, an excellent academic system, and a strong sense of community. Whether you are looking to settle down or begin a family, it is worth checking out.

About the Neighborhood

This specific town in Bergen County is filled with culture and history. Most of the town is made up of historical buildings that still maintain their integrity to this day. It also gained national notoriety when it passed a vote to change their community to have integrated schools. It has now transitioned into a young, family-orientated town. The population is 40,493 with the average household size being 3 person families. It also features a large variety of real estate to please any of your needs. The town is 14 miles away from New York City and offers many different amenities to provide their residents with, such as restaurants and shopping.

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Attractions and Things to Do

Teaneck is one of New Jersey’s most culturally diverse towns. There are many different businesses and operations to choose from. With so many unique shops and restaurants to visit, Teaneck is nothing short of entertaining. Teaneck also has a ton of drives to raise money for causes, and offers plenty of opportunity to get involved. Events they hold include garage sales, fairs, historic tours of the town, and parades. Their website provides information for anyone interested. Parks and recreational areas are a popular location for families to unwind and enjoy their days. Transportation in Teaneck is ideal with ample buses to provide you with for wherever your destination may be- local or to a NYC Terminal. Teaneck is a friendly, communal town that invites you to check out what they have to offer!

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Schooling in this area is easily accessible with only a 6 square mile radius for the town and 7 schools within this area. With 4 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and a high school, there is plenty of opportunity for you and your family to grow and achieve greatness.

Hawthorne Elementary School
1st to 4th Grade  |  Rating

Whittier Elementary School
1st to 4th Grade  |  Rating

Lowell Elementary School
1st to 4th Grade |  Rating

Thomas Jefferson Middle School
5th to 8th Grade  |  Rating

Benjamin Franklin Middle School
5th to 8th Grade  |  Rating

Teaneck Sr High School
9th to 12th Grade  |  Rating

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