Old Tappan

Old Tappan is one of the finest towns to live in within Northern Valley and Bergen County. The distance between amenities and schools is unmatchable. Surrounded by similar towns, this is a wonderful community to be apart of.

About the Neighborhood

If you drive through Old Tappan during the warmer months, you will see plenty of families and kids walking around town going from school to the Bi-State Plaza, which is a local favorite, complete with anything you could need. This is also one of the safest towns you could reside in. The schooling district is unbeatable with fantastic sports teams and recreational activities. If you are looking to raise a family, this Bergen County town is simply perfect. It is approximately 4 square miles with a 12 mile distance to New York City. The population is 5,769 with the average household being 3 person families. This community is also filled with beautiful real estate, no matter what your needs require. Their educational institutions are notable with many awards won and children achieving greatness in their grade levels.

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Why You Should Live In

Old Tappan

Attractions and Things to Do

Old Tappan has some of the finest parks around. They have Stone Point Park, complete with many baseball and soccer fields, as well as a basketball court, skate park, track and full playground. Secondly, there is Oaks Park with a gondola, fountain and a more relaxed walkway. For shopping, Bi-State Plaza has been around for many years. It is a local favorite, even frequented by residents of surrounding towns. Their stores include A&P, CVS, Starbucks, a Pizza Shop, Italian Restaurant, a Bagel Shop, Dairy Queen, etc, and much more. The high school shares its campus with 3 other surrounding towns, so walking distance between these towns is a breeze. You can also find anything else you may need within this 10 minute drive through what they call these 4 towns- “The Valley”.

Old Tappan Website   |    Bi-State Plaza Shopping Center


Old Tappan’s Regional High School is a nationally recognized school of excellence. They have also made the Top 100 List of a well-known magazine, as well as many others. As for elementary school, children attend a neighboring town’s school, T. Baldwin Demarest Elementary School in Demarest. Middle schoolers attend Charles DeWolf Middle School. All of these educational establishments have soaring ratings and reviews which you may view in the links provided below. There is nothing short of commendable that these schools offer.

Baldwin Elementary School
Kindergarten to 4th Grade  |  Rating

Charles DeWolf Middle School
5th to 8th Grade  |  Rating

Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan
9th to 12th Grade  |  Rating

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