Despite Tenaflys’ small town style, there is much to be seen. Downtown features most of the town's stores and restaurants which are highly recommended. Tenafly is also home to amazing schooling systems. You must take a look at this cozy town!

About the Neighborhood

The lively town of Tenafly is conveniently located in Bergen County, NJ, about 6 miles from New York City which is more than ideal for any commuters. The population as of 2015 is 14,849 with the average household size being 4 person families. The town of Tenafly is beautiful in any weather. There are plenty of quaint, small stores and shops to visit along the main roads of the area, as well as plenty of amenities to maintain your lifestyle whether that be an outing with your family or a peaceful couple’s dinner in the cozy town. There are many houses of worship, recreational parks and areas, as well as a Clinton Inn for visitors. There are sidewalk sales in the summer, in addition to beautiful winter decorations throughout the town when the Holidays roll around.

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Attractions and Things to Do

Tenafly is very well-rounded. It has its main street of stores to shop in as well as restaurants to visit. There is also a movie theatre to bring friends and family, in addition to a classic diner all located Downtown. Despite the commotion, Tenafly is home to its very own Nature Preserve with 7+ miles of hiking and biking trails, as well as a Wildlife Preserve Center. There are many parks and recreational fields for programs the town provides, as well as for your personal use. In the Spring and Summer seasons, you can enjoy the freshly planted flowers throughout the town and parks.

Tenafly Website   |    Nature Center


Tenafly Public Schools serve over 3,000 students with 6 public schools ranging from elementary, middle and high school. All of the following schools have acquired a 9/10 performance rating based on their school’s test results. In fact, all elementary schools in this town scored 10/10 for this city rating. There are a variety of sports, programs, and clubs to take part in depending on  interests. For the curriculum, the schools follow a (AP) Advanced Placement Course. More information on enrollment can be found on the school website.

Spencer Smith Elementary School
Kindergarten to 5th Grade  |  Rating

Malcolm McKay Elementary School
Kindergarten to 5th Grade |  Rating

Ralph S. Maugham Elementary School
Kindergarten to 5th Grade |  Rating

Walter Stillman Elementary School
Pre-K to 5th Grade  |  Rating

Tenafly Middle School
6th to 8th Grade  |  Rating

Tenafly High School
9th to 12th Grade  |  Rating

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