What Buyers Will Pay Extra For

Whether you are looking to sell your current home or looking for your new home- these tips will help you find what is most popular and ideal when buying in today’s market!

Typically, Home Buyers have an extensive list that they require in their future home when looking on the market. As I reviewed in my most recent post Rehabbing A Home, buyers love to see renovations and modern upgrades. If a New Construction house isn’t in their budget, it is most likely more ideal to look for homes that have renovated sections such as a bathroom or kitchen. When looking for these upgraded features, they are interested in spending more because it becomes a solid investment with less effort to be put in in the long run.


  • Fireplaces
    • Fireplaces are a wonderful investment for a home buyer. Nothing beats a fireplace in the family room to gather around- especially around the Holidays.
  • Hardwood Floors
    • Hardwood Flooring is in high demand. Carpeting can be harder to manage whereas new home buyers with children look for wooden floors so there is less of a mess. Although carpeting is harder to take care of, it can be desirable for home some buyers because it is more comfortable and warmer.
  • Central Air
    • Air Conditioning Units are a thing of the past. Homeowners are looking for homes with Central Air already installed and this is the verdict across the board when it comes to all age groups.
  • Newer Homes
    • Most new homeowners don’t want the worry of maintenancing an old home. Most buyers look for homes that are at least 5 years old and newer. This is more of a solid investment for the buyer so they don’t have to worry about renovation in the long run.
  • Kitchens
    • Kitchens are one of the biggest selling features of a home, so desirable that they could basically sell a home in itself. There are multiple features that help the kitchen sell though:
      • Eat- In Kitchens
        • Many people look for Eat-In Kitchens because 1.) there is more room and 2.) you can have your whole family gather around. Family hang out rooms are crucial for new Home Buyers as well as for the older ages.
        • Stainless Steel Appliances
          • The features of a old home are nowhere near as attractive as a uniform stainless steel style.
        • Islands
          • Once again, brings a gathering place together for those raising a family. Also makes the kitchen much more appealing.
        • Newer Kitchen Appliances
          • More than half of home buyers would be willing to spend more for dishwashers, newer sinks, etc. No new family wants the worry of breaking appliances, especially when bringing up a family and the wear and tear that comes with it.
  • Granite Counter Tops
    • Whether these be in your bathrooms or the kitchen, granite counter tops are increasingly more popular. It gives your home a newer look and feel, not to mention the classic style.
  • Master Beds and Bathrooms
    • These are of a higher demand as of recent. The idea of a master suite and bathroom is a luxurious thought. Hence the price tag that home buyers are willing to pay. Almost half of buyers would pay more to have this style. This also includes a walk-in closet. Adults want spaces that are their own hideaways. And instead of a five-star stay on an island, they can have this hotel-suite-feel at home.

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